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The yacht is docked at One15 Marina in Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn.  Please arrive at the marina gate no later that 15 mins before your scheduled departure time with your ENTIRE party, and the hostess on duty for your trip will escort you to the yacht.  She already has your phone number and she will call you if she cannot find you.  Per maritime security regulations, the hostess cannot walk in incomplete parties so please make sure everyone is at the gate 15 mins before departure. Furthermore, no one is allowed to board the boat unless the Charterer (person who actually rented the boat for the time) is present, their ID verified, and a bareboat agreement is executed. The Charterer must be over 21 years old.  There are no exceptions to this rule as it’s illegal for us to allow boarding for anyone unless the Charterer is present.  As this is a bareboat rental, prior to departure, the charterer should do a survey of the boat to assure themselves that there are no damages etc and familiarize themselves with all life safety equipment on board.  Similarly, after the trip please do another walk around to make sure that you are returning the boat in the same condition that it was at pickup.  We absolutely encourage the Charterer to do the vessel walk through before and after the trip.  Please let us know if you notice any issues etc. so same can be documented.

There are several garages offering parking by the marina. Please google the location and you will likely find a garage of your choice. the closest garage is City Parking by the marina.  Here is the google maps link that you can use to find it.   City Parking Brooklyn Bridge LLC
(646) 237-4122
We allow a maximum of one bottle of hard liquor per 6 passengers.  If you bring more than that with you we will ask that you leave it on the dock and pick it up when you return.  If at anytime, the crew feels that you or your guests are too intoxicated, they will return back to the dock immediately and the trip will be over.  Hard seltzers or wine/beer are not included in this calculation but please don’t go crazy with the alcohol.
Since you are renting under a Bareboat Charter Agreement, you have the option of operating the boat yourself provided you have the necessary licenses and proficiency to operate a vessel of this size.  We will also require a $1 mln dollar insurance policy and a quick checkout sea-trial if you choose to operate the boat yourself.  You also have an option to retain an independent captain of your own choosing provided they meet all our requirements and we approve them for the trip.  In the alternative, we can offer you a choice of several Captains who are qualified to operate the boat and you can select one based on their availability for that day.  Please remember, all Captain and Crew expenses must be paid separately directly to the crew upon your arrival at the marina gate and before the start of the trip.   The Captain and the first mate are independent contractors and will be under your control for the duration of the trip.  Importantly, we will not be able to handover the control of the boat unless unless the qualified crew chosen by you confirms they were paid and will operate the trip.  A Bareboat Charter Agreement and waiver must also be executed by the Charterer and all guests prior to commencement of the trip.  Also, please don’t forget to tip the captain and crew for taking care of you! 
We allow finger foods, sandwiches, cold cut platters and fruit platters.   No soups, greasy foods, or anything with a chance of staining or spilling while underway.  Please don’t bring fully catered meals on board we simply won’t be able to serve them and you will end up being disappointed.  Moreover, no gas / heat warmers or open flame of any kind is allowed on board.  Similarly, no cooking is allowed by anyone on day trips aside from the Hostess warming up something in a microwave.  If the boat is left a mess after the trip you will be subjected to a $250-$500 cleaning fee. If you are bringing food, drinks, decorations etc. you must make sure to take it with you after the trip is done.  Let’s keep things neat and everyone will enjoy the trip a ton more! 
Departure time is set at booking and is a strict deadline.  If you are running late on the day of the trip, we cannot extend your time rental of the boat due to your lateness. We are extremely busy through November and more often than not have 2-3 rentals in one day.
No riding, sitting, walking on the bow or the outside swim platform while the boat is underway and in gear.  “Bowriding” is illegal in NYC and we will not allow it under any circumstances.  You must at all times keep your feet, arms, head etc in the boat to avoid an accident. That means no sitting on rails, seats, side of the boat with feet dangling, and other whacky ideas many people have while on a boat. We take the safety of all the passengers extremely seriously and we take pride in being accident free. Rest assured You will have plenty of opportunities to anchor and freely walk around, take pics etc.  
No glass champagne bottle “popping” on the boat.  The hostess/server is the only one opening bottles and pouring drinks.  Guests are not allowed to walk around the vessel with any glass bottles.  This is for your safety and that of your crew.  Our boat is in immaculate condition, and we like to keep it that way for everyone‘s enjoyment.  
Smoking is allowed only on the aft lower deck and absolutely no cigars or hookahs.
No street shoes on board - trust us, you will be a lot more comfortable barefoot or in socks. After all, you’re on a boat!
All guests must obey all captain’s and hostess’ orders. Even though the captain you have chosen is under your control for the trip, if the Captain feels that the passengers are creating an unsafe environment, they reserve the right to return to the dock at once.
We may allow extensive decoration for a fee, but you must clean up after yourself and remove any decorations.  We are not a wedding venue, or a floating restaurant so please think on a smaller scale when it comes to decor.  Let the City be your backdrop for pictures - it truly doesn’t get better than that.  In the alternative, see Point 1 above. 
Please tip the Captain / Crew.  These guys and gals go out of their way to show you best sights, pour / serve you food and overall lookout for your safety.  They are not employed by us and are independent contractors. Please show your appreciation for their hard work with a token of gratitude in the form of a tip.  They will be thrilled especially after a crazy year of not having a gig due to COVID.  Suggested tip is 10% of the boat booking price.
Please do not throw anything into the toilets.  No baby wipes, napkins, tissues or feminine hygiene products.  Use the waste paper basket provided in each restroom to dispose any garbage or toilet paper. If the toilet gets clogged when you return the boat, there will be a $250 dollar fee to have a plumber come out and unclog it.  Please be careful and let your guests know about this as well. 
The flybridge of the Yacht (upper deck) has a 6 person maximum limit.  Please make sure that not everyone is on the bridge at the same time.  

Lastly, the Charterer is responsible for the behavior of their guests.  The Captain and the Crew will not run around warning various individuals but will issue a warning to the Charterer.  Please watch the alcohol consumption on board. Please work with us to ensure your trip is memorable and enjoyable for all.  We give you our word that you will have an unbelievable experience just like hundreds of people before you who have used our service.